BSL Fingerspelling Chart - Special Offer


Fingerspelling Chart

for British Sign Language

A useful guide to fingerspell anything from A-Z

Why learn how to fingerspell? 

  • You can sign any word at all once you know the alphabet! It's one of the most versatile signing skills you can learn.  
  • Easily communicate with the deaf community — don't know the sign for something? Fingerspelling to the rescue!  
  • Understand what deaf people are saying. Just ask them to fingerspell it.  
  • Gain confidence in your sign language skills and have more fun using it in your everyday life!

My name is Lisa Mills and I am your online tutor. I am trilingual in spoken English, British Sign Language, and Australian Sign Language. I'm also a registered teacher, deaf since birth. Now I teach sign language to thousands of students around the world through my book, DVD, online courses, and membership.